Administra is the WA-Summit’s World Action Plan. It has four goals. Each goal is divided into two: professional associations and individual administrative professionals. Under each goal are a series of outcomes to assist associations and individuals to set their own goals. Administra is updated after each WA-Summit as promptly as possible.

GOAL 1 – Managing Administrative Skills

  • Professional Associations – Managing Administrative/Office Professionals Skills
  • Individual Administrative/Office Professionals – Managing your Administrative Skills

GOAL 2 – Office Ethics

  • Professional Associations – Handling Sensitive Issues and Ethical Office Dilemmas
  • Individual Administrative/Office Professionals – Office Ethics

GOAL 3 – Technology in the Future

  • Professional Associations – Moving with the Times in the 21st Century
  • Individual Administrative/Office Professionals – Keeping up with Technology for the 21st Century

GOAL 4 – Encourage Younger People in Administration

  • Professional Associations – Market association membership to encourage participation of younger people
  • Individual Administrative/Office Professionals – encourage and involve younger people in your role